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Charcoal Smokers

Among people who are devoted smokers—food, not cigarettes—charcoal is a favorite type of fuel. Usually, charcoal smokers are affordable, and even the smaller versions offer several benefits, such as built-in temperature gauges, removable ash pans, and multiple grates so you can cook different meats at the same time.

Some of these smokers convert to regular barbecues; some are more portable than others. Some folks just like the taste of charcoaled meat. If you are one of those, consider the many choices available in the size and price range to suit your needs. You may be surprised at the range of new and used models available with everything from indoor grills to mobile commercial units.
Barbecuing brings old friends together. There is nothing more beautiful to do on a sunny summer day than spend time with old friends cooking barbecue and talking about good old times. Barbecue binds friends together. Almost everyone loves barbecue. Who can resist the tempting aroma of barbecue

How do you like to have your barbecue Do you want to have it grilled or smoked People who want a good barbecue almost always want it smoked. Smoking provides an improved and sophisticated taste not achieved by simply grilling alone. Smoking adds flavor to the meat. Smoking renders the meat tender. It can make the worst cuts and hard types of meat tender and wonderful. Smoking is all about flavor. Smoking barbecue takes about 1 to 2 hours. Sometimes it can even take up to 20 hours. In order to achieve the best-smoked meat, you need the right kind of equipment. But what is the right smoker for you Many people love to use a charcoal smoker?

Why use Charcoal Smokers Many people who love to barbecue prefers to use this type of smoker for many reasons. Charcoal smokers provide unique benefits compared with other types of smokers. These smokers have the capability to cook at a much higher temperature. For this reason, it can easily tenderize thick slabs of meat. Although charcoal smokers are mostly used because of its capacity to cook at higher temperatures, it should also be noted that these have also the capacity to operate and cook at lower temperatures over a long period of time. These smokers offer adjustable temperature range using charcoal chips or nuggets. With Charcoal Smokers, you can further enhance the food`s taste and aroma by adding flavored wood-chips. These flavored wood-chips usually com from fruit trees. Cooking the meat for a long period of time at low heat exposes the meat to the aromatic hardwood smoke. This is quite a unique advantage available only to Charcoal Smokers.

Smoking refers to the process of cooking, flavoring or preserving food products by keeping it in a smoke-filled atmosphere created by smoldering plant materials, wood, charcoal and many other materials. The most commonly smoked foods are meat and fish. But eatables like cheeses, vegetables, Rauchbier are also smoked. Smoking is common around the globe. In Europe, Oak and Alder are the conventionally used woods for smoking food. But, usage of beech is also popular in some areas. Fruit-tree woods such as apple, cherry and plum are also commonly used for smoking. There are also other unconventional fuels for smokers like sawdust from trees, peat [a form of coal], corncobs, dried dung of animals and many others. There are many types of smoking – Hot smoking, Smoke-Baking, Coke Smoking. Smoking can be done in a machine called a smoker.

A good barbecue is never complete without a lot of smoke. Charcoal smokers and Used Charcoal Commercial Bbq Smokers are extremely popular for backyard chefs and for people cooking for a small group of people. These charcoal smokers can either come along with a temperature controller and an easy startup, which are meant for beginners or the offset smokers which have a firebox at their sides. Charcoal burners need more caring than electric smokers or pellet smokers. The amount of fuel and the air supply in the smoker needs to be fine-tuned to ensure that the food is smoked properly. Learning about handling a charcoal smoker is not a cup of tea. It takes time for a beginner to get accustomed to a charcoal smoker.

There a lot of things that are needed to be kept in mind while purchasing a charcoal smoker. Airflow is one of the prime factors that is needed to smoke the food properly. When it comes to charcoal burners, it is important to pick the one that looks like it will control air flow the best. One needs the ability to regulate the air intake near the coal in order to lower or raise the temperature. A tight and thick cooking chamber is recommended so the meat will be heated evenly and be bathed in smoke from one end to the other. A ventilator must be provided which is present on the far end of the smoker and is used to expel extra smoke.

There are some high quality as well as cheap smokers that are available in the market. Char-Griller Smoking Pro is a beginner`s smoker and it is quite cheap. This smoker is well designed for the price and has a central barrel and a firebox on its side. The lids over the smoke chamber make it airtight thereby avoiding leakage of smoke. The charcoal hopper can be dragged out easily and this facilitates cleaning as well as ease of adding the charcoal fuel. Heights of the grate in the smoker box can be adjusted for temperature control. This smoker is a cheap starter for a beginner. Landmann smokers are also extremely famous. On the left is the firebox where one can direct grill or open the damper and channel the heat and smoke to the chamber on the right for indirect smoking. Heavy-duty wheels, wood handles, stainless steel ash catcher, temperature gauge are also its other features. This smoker is moderately priced.

Whatever your needs or budget there is a great charcoal smoker that is perfect for you. You can get the people in your life together and let the good times roll. You simply must take the first step and find the perfect smoker for you today. It`s that easy.