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Electric BBQ Grill Guide

Are you making the right choice with an electric grill?

You need versatility, ease of use, and a quick to clean and easily transportable BBQ, the electric BBQ has what you need.

Choosing the right electric BBQ needs explaining further, and here we will tell you what you need to look for when choosing an electric BBQ grill.

Making sure that you have picked the right electric grill is important, after all, you don’t want to spend all your time repairing it, you want to spend your time cooking on it and enjoying great BBQ food.

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Basics of an Electric BBQ Grill

An electric BBQ is truly a marvel of cooking engineering because it has been designed with one core purpose in mind. To cook with extreme simplicity. Don’t let this simplicity fool you into thinking that it is not capable of cooking great food, that is far from the truth. The relatively small electric BBQ starts quickly, cooks quickly and is easy to use.


As with all BBQ grills, check the construction to make sure that the base is well fitted and has no parts that move unnecessarily. See that the electric BBQ griddle is securely installed and has no gaps around it as this could mean that drippings from cooked food could find their way into the unit and cause problems and unwanted cleaning.

Well known manufacturers of electric BBQ grills such as Weber have very high-quality control and this sort of thing should not exist on them, so take your time if you are purchasing an electric BBQ grill to make sure that the design is sturdy enough to withstand both cooking and traveling duties.


Unlike gas or charcoal BBQ grills, electric BBQs have a fixed hot-plate under which lies a heating coil that transfers heat to it. The grate itself can either be flat, or ribbed in places allowing you to put grill marks on your steaks, sausages or buns while allowing you to cook food such as eggs on the flat part.

Give consideration to the type of food that you will be cooking on the grate. Does it provide you with ample cooking space for the usual number of people you are catering to? Does it have ribbed or flat sections for cooking particular types of food you want to cook? Does it have runnels for the food drippings so that they do not collect around the food?

Grease runnels are a vital part of any well designed electric BBQ and you should seriously consider having these on any electric BBQ that you purchase as your food will be cleaner, healthier and make the chore of cleaning up the grill much easier.


The vast majority of electric BBQs do not require any assembly at all, and operating requires little more than plugging the unit into the mains and switching it on. Most major manufacturers’ electric BBQ grills require no construction at all, so be very wary of buying one that does and avoid buying cheap Chinese electric BBQs at all costs unless you are particularly sure that it is safe to use. You have been warned!


Another great asset of the electric BBQ is that there is virtually no maintenance required at all. Unlike gas or charcoal barbeques, an electric grill has very few, in some cases none, serviceable parts, and this is good news. Fewer parts to replace and simple construction means that running costs are very low. Always check the manufacturer warranty to see that any parts that may be required are easily obtainable.


Ensure that the electric BBQ is well designed. Are the griddles easy to move and handle?  Does the grill or BBQ legs or stand move as it should? Any additional force required to operate parts of your electric BBQ could mean the difference between having a well-cooked barbecue or a well-cooked body part! When using one you should always have a fire blanket and oven mitts to use during the operation of your electric BBQ.