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Klose Barbecue Pits

Texan quality by Klose BBQ pits

Klose Barbecue Pits were founded in 1986, and have been widely featured in the media throughout the USA, and are in keeping with the principle of maintaining the integrity of the Old Western Trail Drive style of cooking.

Dave Klose of Houston based Klose BBQ pits in Texas keeps a close eye on the workmanship and quality standards of the pits and smokers that they produce. The company does not shy away from building any custom project, and to date, Klose BBQ pits have built hundreds of custom specced smokers for their customer’s satisfaction that is backed up by dozens of testimonials sent in by happy owners.

BBQ Smokers and Trailer Pits

Whether a small backyard grill is required, or a large-scale trailer pulled catering BBQ rig is required to feed several hundred, Dave Klose takes on the seemingly impossible by producing some of the best-built BBQ smokers and grills that are available on the market today. Ranging in size from as little(!?) as 32″ across the griddle for a relatively small backyard barbecue that will deal with regular hookups with ease, to huge 30+ foot long trailers that have additional custom features such as square fireboxes, custom handles, storage racks, warming boxes, and wheel configurations to suit almost every eventuality.

When it comes to buying a top-quality smoker, Klose leaves the options wide open for individual customization.

If the ideas and items are not readily available off the shelf or quickly manufactured to specification in their production facility, Klose will selflessly go to almost any cost to obtain hard-to-find parts for a particular project.

With hundreds of sizes and styles in stock to choose from, including wood, charcoal, and gas-fired grills and smokers. Custom cookers include Chuck-Wagons, Pistol Smokers, Trains on real Railroad Tracks, even pits made out of Automobiles, and Semi Rigs.

Klose BBQ

All Klose BBQ Pits are made by hand, with no machinery involved in the manufacturing process except FOR a welding machine, in the spirit of the old-style iron foundries. One welder to one pit from the beginning to the finished product.