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BBQ Smokers

Fisherman and hunters. Have you considered BBQ smokers and how to use them for your fish and wildlife?

A BBQ smoker is like a miniature smokehouse that you can use outside or inside your fireplace. Some BBQ smokers fit inside a fireplace like a fireplace insert. Others stand right on your patio. Using a BBQ smoker makes it possible to smoke and preserve small amounts of delicious tasting meat. A weekend fisherman can bring home his limit every time he goes out fishing, but may soon become tired of the fish frozen and preserved in the same way. Smoking will provide a tasty new option for preserving the meat.

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Smoker Reviews

For some people still, the best way to smoke food is by using a Wood Smoker. Wood Smokers utilize wood as fuel. You might need to adjust and learn the technique of using a wood smoker if you are used to charcoal, electric, or even Gas smoker.

How do you want to cook your barbecue

Do you grill or smoke your meat Smokers come in various sizes? There are those small portable smokers like Brinkmann Smokers and the huge oil drum size smokers. Many people have their own special and even secret barbecue recipes. However, for some barbecue lovers, the quality and taste of the barbecue depend on the type of smokers used.

You might wonder how many kinds of smokers are available There are actually different shapes of smokers for your cooking pleasure. These come in different price tags and the fuel used. Serious barbecue lovers and commercial users can choose amongst the many different kinds of smokers which produce true real sumptuous barbecue. These smokers come with great features every grilling fanatics want to have in their smokers. You can either choose between electric or charcoal smokers.

Types Of Commercial BBQ Smokers

There are different types of Commercial BBQ Smokers. Probably the most commonly used type of Commercial BBQ Smokers is the Rotisserie Smoker. Rotisserie Smokers are used by many households today all over the world. You might even have one in your own backyard. This type of smoker can hold a huge load of meat and food on trays. Smoking meat dates back to olden times when people used smoke to preserve their food. Smoking preserves food at the same time enhances the flavor. Smoking produces a distinct kind of flavor many barbecue lovers seek. Another type of BBQ Smoker is Charcoal Smoker. Charcoal Smokers use charcoal as fuel.

Weber Smokers

Other well-loved smokers include Weber Smokers. One of the well known Weber Smokers is Weber Smokey Mountain 18.5 Inch Smoker which features a lid-mounted thermometer. Another top-notch smoker brands are the Bradley Smokers. One of the best Bradley Smoker`s is the Original Bradley Smoker. This is a refrigerator style smoker that can hold both hot and cold smoke. This is an electric smoker so you can just relax without worrying or tending the fire.

If you are serious with your barbecue and want to feed a lot of hungry barbecue fanatics, consider getting commercially tested barbecue smokers.

Charcoal smokers

There are many types of commercial BBQ smokers. One such smoker is a charcoal smoker. Charcoal smokers do not refuel automatically because it uses wood chips for the smoke and charcoal briquettes as a heat source. Charcoal smokers are able to make food turn brown by heating it up. The chemical reactions produced by burning charcoal cause the food to be deeply flavored. A good way to minimize introducing toxins to the meat is to use a charcoal chimney starter. Chimney starters cost less than lighter fluid. Charcoal smokers do require adding charcoal to keep the heat at a constant temperature.

Water smokers

Water smokers are vertically shaped as opposed to horizontal shaped. The heat source for water smokers is located on the bottom. Water smokers can run on electricity, gas, or charcoal to produce heat. The water pan inside the water smoker is there to stop the meat from being in contact with the heat source. The water pan allows there to be moisture in the cooking chamber. Water smokers allow moisture to be intact so that the food can retain its nutrients when cooking.

Gas smokers

Gas smokers use gas propane or natural gas to produce heat. The temperature in smoking chambers of gas smoker can be adjusted using dials or gauges. Gas smokers don’t leave much ash so it takes less effort to clean up a gas smoker. Gas smokers are simple to use. Gas smokers produce clean heat. Gas smokers can be portable if it uses propane instead of natural gas. With propane, it only requires a propane tank as opposed to natural gas which requires being hooked up to the household gas line.

Rotisserie BBQ smokers

Rotisserie BBQ smoker is used all around the world. Rotisserie smokers come in different shapes and sizes. What all rotisserie smokers have in common is that the front doors are recessed to prevent the smoke from rolling into the face of the one who is serving the food. The smoke just moves inside the cooking chamber because of the recessed doors. Rotisserie smokers provide a constant temperature so the food can be well cooked. The rotisserie has shelves that can be rotated which makes it easier to cook on all sides instead of constantly turning.

With a Weber smoker, one can just prepare the meat and leave the meat in the smoker until it is time to eat. It can handle sixteen pounds of meat. Weber smoker can use mesquite, hickory, or oak as a fuel to cook meat. Bowls, lids, and water pans that come from a Weber smoker are made up of porcelain. Weber smoker can be used for many years. A Weber smoker can come with two steel grills, which would allow two pieces of meat to cook at the same time. There are also smaller models that can be used to take to different places.

Brinkman smokers

Brinkman smokers can be very large and can weigh more than two hundred pounds. It also has enough room to cook many types of meat at once. Brinkman smokers consist of three main parts. It has a firebox, a cooking chamber, and a chimney. The meat is not directly above the heat source since the firebox is located on the other side of the smoker. Brinkman smokers can also be vertical or horizontal in shape. Brinkman smokers can run on propane, electricity, or even charcoal. There`s nothing quite like the smoky smell and taste of barbeque ribs or ends cooked at your favorite restaurant. Or is there Nowadays, with the variety of smokers that are available, you have the option of making your own fabulous barbeque at home. And you don’t have to limit yourself to pork or beef; there are turkey, ham, fish, chicken, and vegetables. You’ve heard of Smoking Joe Jones or Gates, but for folks who like to have large groups of people over, it pays to have a smoker that can get the job done.

You want a unit in which the amount of smoke and temperature can be controlled so the food comes out perfect to your taste. Sure, you have the perfect barbeque recipe, but do you have the perfect smoker When shopping for smokers, you’ll find a vast array of sizes, styles, and prices. The goal of any of these is to create a temperature that remains consistently around 225 degrees with just enough smoke to create a wonderful flavor, but not overwhelming. To do this your smoker must have proper airflow built into the smoker construction, and you must protect the smoker.

Are you a barbecue aficionado Do you want to venture into barbecue business or probably join a barbecue cooking competition Who doesn’t love barbecue The smell of barbecue alone is so enticing anyone would love to grab a bite.

Do you want to hang out on your favorite grill restaurant and savor their most delicious barbecue servings? Most of us might wonder why these restaurants serve mouth-watering barbecue. You know the places we’re referring to – the meal is so messy even the receipt paper they bring you is covered in sauce!. Some of us might even want to take hold of their special recipes. However, aside from special recipes, sometimes the smoker plays an important role in making the best barbecue. Commercial BBQ Smokers are usually used by those who want to serve up some serious barbecue.

Beef or Salmon Jerky anyone?

BBQ smokers provide the space for meat to be slowly dried and turned into jerky. Jerky is a tough form of many kinds of meat that may be also seasoned by soaking it in brine before smoking. A BBQ smoker can also be used to gently smoke and add flavor to meats and fish without drying them out. A short period of time in a smoker will add an interesting and delectable flavor to your meal options. You may still need to freeze meat if it is just gently smoked and you do not plan on eating it right away. But who can resist?!

There are some hints to learn so you will get the best use of a BBQ smoker. They type of wood BBQ smokers burn will result in different tastes in the meat. Trying out different brine recipes can add even more flavor to the meats you smoke. Having a smoker right in your home fireplace makes smoking your meat an easy process that is easy to keep an eye on. BBQ Smokers also work well outside on the patio.

smokers are used in the process of cooking and flavoring food. Anything from meat or fish to cheese and beer is flavored with smoke in various parts of the world using similar methods.

BBQ Smoking is a slow cooking process involving low heat (between 100F/40C up to 185F/85C) over long periods of time; typically up to 6 hours or even more.

Two Smoking Techniques

  1. Buy the Brinkman Smoker from The process referred to here is known as Hot smoking, which uses temperatures of at least 180F/85C to cook as well as flavor the meat or other types of food.
  2. Cold smoking, on the other hand, is used to flavor food rather than cook it; the temperature is around 100F/40C. I won’t go into it, but you can find out more about cold smoking here.

BBQ Smoker Equipment

Smokers come in two basic designs – the offset smoker and the upright smoker.

The more traditional offset type, which looks rather like an early steam engine. It consists of a lidded compartment like a grill, but with a separate connected compartment for the fire and wood chips.

The picture at the top is of the Brinkmann 805-2101-S Pitmaster Deluxe Smoke ‘n Pit and is a classic example of this type of smoker.

The upright smokers are generally a wide tubular shape with a domed top.

Inside, the heat source is at the very bottom, the water pan goes directly above this, and the upper part houses the food as it cooks.

Both types ideally should have a thermometer mounted on the outside which displays the internal temperature of the cooking chamber.

Vents and chimneys are used to control airflow and therefore temperature – this is actually key to mastering BBQ smoking.

Prices for smokers can be high for the big professional offset or upright drum-type smokers – but backyard versions should be in the $300-400 range for something like the Brinkmann or Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker (pictured).

Although perfectly usable models of either design can be bought for a third of that price.

How to Cook With a BBQ Smoker

This brings me to what is technically referred to as smoke-roasting – an indirect barbecue technique that can be emulated in an ordinary covered gas or charcoal grill.

Here is a clip of an offset smoker in action to give a better idea of how it works and what you can cook in one.

Smoke box Barbecue smoke can be made either with logs of wood placed directly in the BBQ smoker’s firebox and burnt – as discussed in more detail in the BBQ wood page.

If you don’t want to splash out and buy a specialized barbeque smoker then wood chips can be used in an ordinary grill with a lid, using the – indirect grilling technique.

These wood chips are made from common barbecue woods like mesquite, hickory, and many others.

All that is required is a BBQ smoke box. The soaked wood chips go inside and the box placed in the grill directly above the heat source. The wood chips will smoke copiously and flavor the meat.

The results are pretty damn good.

What to Cook in Your Smoker

Here are mouth-watering examples of food you could cook in your barbecue smoker:

Just choose your smoking wood accordingly for the best results.

Have a search on for some of these brands of BBQ smoker:

  • Weber smokers
  • Brinkman smokers
  • Landmann smokers
  • Bradley smokers
  • Charbroil smokers
  • Masterbuilt smokers


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