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Sunshine BBQ grills

Sunshine BBQ grills offer great versatility

Sunshine General Industries manufactures the Sunshine barbecue, a unique Australian-style gas barbecue grill that has unequaled cooking versatility. Unlike most other gas barbecue grills, the Sunshine barbecue allows both traditional char-grilling as well as griddle frying with its solid cast-iron hot plate, plus roasting, baking, smoking and even stir-frying with its special wok plate.

Guaranteed to satisfy the most demanding outdoor chef

All Sunshine barbecues are produced to stringent quality control standards with all components being of the highest quality. Cast-iron is used for the burner, “briquette plate,” and cooking grid to guarantee the longest possible life.

 A great range of Stylish barbecues including the

The Sunshine Barbecue Europa 2000, is the result of two years of research to produce the most stylish and efficient barbecue ever. The curving lines and distinctive color scheme, developed by one of Europe’s leading design studios, make this barbeque a lifestyle statement.

The ultra-efficient cast-iron gas burner provides heat for the entire cooking area, and controlling the temperature is simplicity itself.

Sunshine Barbecue Accessories

As you would expect, there is a full range of accessories available. All Sunshine barbecues are manufactured using weather resistant materials. However, to give total weather protection, the use of a luxury Sunshine vinyl heavy-weight, felt-lined vinyl cover to prevent the barbecue sweating, is strongly recommended to protect your investment and give you years of maintenance free use.

The cooking area is divided into a char-grill and griddle plate. With side burner and many other accessories available, the Sunshine PatioMate 2 offers greater variety than other similar priced barbecues. Two years warranty on cast iron burners.