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Hibachi grill

Hibachi is Japanese influenced marvel of a portable BBQ

Japanese in its origin, the Hibachi actually originated in Japan as a type of brazier that was used by the wealthy as far back as the 6th century. In those times, Hibachi’s were usually constructed from clay that was lined with wood.  Despite the Hibachi’s age, it is still capable of cooking BBQ food just as well as more modern barbeques, and has a distinctly unique appeal.

Why use a cast-iron Hibachi grill?

The Hibachi grill is quite simply one of the most traditionally designed grills around and because of that, serves as a wonderfully functional grill that cooks great food with all of the simplicity that a cast-iron charcoal barbeque can offer.

The Hibachi grill has a relatively fast start-up time for a charcoal BBQ grill and can be up and running ready to cook in less than ten minutes. The cast-iron construction retains and stabilizes the heat throughout cooking allowing food to be cooked consistently to perfection.

The Hibachi has a very large cooking area and doubles in use as a convertible oven, this amazing BBQ will produce the best barbeque food for you in no time at all.

Another feature of the Hibachi grill is the fact that it comes with two height adjustable cast-iron grills that will cook all of your food quickly and easily using traditional Japanese methods.

The ashes and cooking residue are conveniently trapped in the base which simplifies cleaning – after two minutes allowing the Hibachi grill to cool down all you have to do is put your barbeque into the bag and it is ready for storage and transportation.

In short, the cast-iron, Japanese influenced Hibachi grill has to be used to be believed and will offer not only a lifetimes worth of excellent cooking service but also feature as an eye-catching and attractive adornment for your cooking space.