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Portable BBQ Grills

When you need to cook in the great outdoors, the portable BBQ is your best friend

Cooking your food outdoors is made that much simpler by using a post-mount or portable BBQ. Choosing the right BBQ to suit your needs is something else. So what do you need to know and look for when selecting a portable BBQ? The answer depends on the size of the BBQ when transporting the unit, the quantity of food that you need to prepare, and the type of fuel that you prefer using.

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Portable propane grills

These are small, often very lightweight, and they are easy to carry around. If you like going on camping trips, or maybe fishing every once in a while, this grill is probably the perfect choice for you. You can take it with you as you travel along, and when you’re ready to get grilling, you just light it up and go. Don’t think that just because portable grills are smaller than they skimp on features either; that’s not the case. A Weber portable propane grill will do you just as good as one that goes in your backyard. It will cook your food fast, evenly, and you’ll get a savory flavor locked in every time.

Backyard propane grills

As the name suggests, these grills are made for the backyard. They are large, usually come with their own stands, and for the person who likes to grills lot of large pieces of meats, such as slabs of ribs or even whole birds and serves them up on nice metal serving trays for everyone to enjoy, then this type of propane grill is for you. Their relatively large cooking surfaces make it easy for you to cook an entire meal, maybe even two, all at once. Again, a top choice for these types of grills is Weber, for their quality of build, style, price, and performance.

Most of your propane grills will come made of stainless steel, heavy-duty aluminum, or porcelain. Either of these materials is fine, it’s just a matter of particular preference here. As far as a good brand, you can’t go wrong with Weber. They are considered the best maker of propane grills. But, why? Well, to start, Weber grills last a very long time and they don’t wear out quickly. So if you like to grill often, a Weber propane grill is your choice. They are made with the best quality materials, and they are made to perform.

If you are looking for a great deal on the price, you should still choose Weber. They have some relatively cheap propane grills available, and although the price is low, you won’t get any less quality than what is standard with Weber. So, if you are in the market for a great quality propane grill, and one that has a budget-friendly price, choose Weber. No other brand comes close to what Weber has to offer.

Best portable BBQ’s

We have made choosing a portable BBQ grill easier by taking the time to compile the favorite models as voted by thousands of owners’ reviews. The portable BBQ’s listed below have all been rated particularly highly and have their own distinct advantages to suit an owner’s needs. Take a look through our best portable BBQs of 2020.

Top Portable BBQ Grills – Our Picks

Weber portable BBQ – The Smokey Joe Gold

This is the traditional charcoal portable BBQ. Like a smaller version of the Weber Kettle Grill, this unit has plenty of versatility. With its 14-inch diameter cooking area, you can grill six burgers at once. While it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the gas portables at under $50 this is a great deal. You can also count on this grill to last for years. The Weber Smokey Joe Gold has a locking lid for easy carrying and you can lock the lid on the side of the grill as a windshield. The company produces many small foot-print models, including Weber Smokers.

Weber portable BBQ - The Smokey Joe Gold

Hibachi portable BBQ

Simply put, the Hibachi portable BBQ is the best-built most durable portable barbecue ever made, which is quite a claim! With 170 inches of cooking space and a weight of fewer than 15 pounds, this barbecue goes where you go. Sporting events, fishing, camping, backyards, picnics, patios, boating, and more. The Hibachi portable BBQ packs a serious punch and has tens of thousands of loyal users. Find out more about the popular Hibachi grill.

Hibachi portable BBQ

Cobb portable BBQ

The Cobb grill has been repeatedly praised as one of the most unique and versatile portable grills on the market. This unit will run on eight charcoal briquettes for up to three hours, will never flare-up, and can cook a whole chicken as easily as burgers. Lightweight, easy to light and operate, this grill is perfect for virtually every outing. It doesn’t even get hot on the exterior so you can pick it up while cooking to move it. The only real drawback is the relatively small size. The cooking area is a little under 12 inches and doesn’t give you a lot of space. Despite that, the Cobb BBQ is an ingenious hot performer.

Cobb portable BBQ

Weber portable BBQ – Q1200

This portable grill is ingeniously designed. It stores away to be less than 32 inches long, yet its large lid means this grill is big enough to cook a large bird. It uses standard 14-ounce propane tanks and has a 280 square-inch ceramic-enameled cast-iron cooking grate that is nearly large enough to be described as a full-sized grill. The Weber Q1200 portable BBQ costs just under $200 and it has Weber’s durability and a unique design that has won many awards. The Weber Q1200 portable BBQ is a terrific looking grill and is a joy to cook on when speed and portability are what you are after.

Weber portable BBQ - Q220

Landmann portable BBQ – Cadac Safari Chef

The Cadac Safari Chef is simply the most versatile portable grilling system you can find. Cadac Safari Chef can cook in five unique ways and The Cadac Safari Chef arrives with a handy and convenient grill carrying case. The Cadac Safari Chef can bbq burgers and kebobs with the grated grill surface. The Cadac Safari Chef Grill can cook perfect steaks and chicken on the Teflon coated non-stick grill plate. Reverse the plate and use the skillet on the other side to fry eggs and bacon for those camping trips.

Landmann portable BBQ - Cadac Safari Chef

Portable Grill Reviews

Choosing a gas, electric, or charcoal portable BBQ

If you choose a gas grill for example, do you need a natural gas or LP grill? Some people want to have the classic BBQ taste complete with the smoky aromas and as such prefer to use a charcoal grill.

If on the other hand, you prefer your food to have that classic grilled flavor and enjoy the benefits of efficient, fast cooking, then it would be wise to opt for a gas-powered portable BBQ.

When electric hookups are available, and sheer simplicity is required, the electric portable BBQ is the way to go as these grills require very little setup time and can produce food very quickly.

Once you have decided on the fuel-type that you will be using, you can turn your attention to the portable BBQ’s themselves and select whether you want a particularly small footprint (for example, A Cobb could be what you are looking for), or if you are going to be catering for a larger number of people, in which case a portable BBQ along the lines of the Weber Smokey Mountain, or a Hibachi BBQ grill may fit your needs.

All of these portable barbecues have their own strong points, and you will need to look at them in detail to determine whether they offer you what you are looking for in the way of size, ease of use, fuel type, maintenance, warranty, and so forth.

With portable barbecues starting from as little as $30, there is no shortage of models to choose from.

Choosing Portable Gas Grills

Portable gas grills are very convenient if you love to grill out while camping or at the beach or local park. These grills are great because they are portable and lightweight, making it easy to take them with you on short outings like barbecues, picnics and tailgate parties, or even long camping trips. They are also small so they are easy to store, whether it’s in the car while transporting or storing in your garage or another storage area.

When it comes to choosing the best portable gas grill, there are several different features you need to consider.

One important factor is the grill’s weight. Some portable grills are lighter than others. Any grill weighing over about 40 to 50 pounds really is not all that portable, but it will also depend on your needs and preferences.

Size is another important factor. You will need to think about how much food you will want to be able to prepare at one time. The more people you have to cook for, the larger your grill will need to be.

The cooking surfaces on the bbq grill are another important consideration. It’s a good idea to look for a grill that has multiple and large cooking surfaces. Some models have a surface for barbecuing along with a ribbed grill and a flat grill. You will want all of the surfaces to be nonstick.

You may also want to consider what accessories either come with the grill or are available to buy separately. Some portable gas grills come with condiment trays or pot stands as well as other accessories such as brushes, pans and rotisserie kits.