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BBQ Pork Recipes

Probably the most popular single item at any BBQ is the BBQ pork recipe that is chosen. Every part of the animal can be used – “everything but the squeal” as they say in North Carolina! Personally, I give the head and trotters a miss, but you get the idea.

Here is our ever-expanding list of recipes, followed by some general information buying, storing, and preparing barbecue pork.

Pork Grill Recipes

Selecting Pork

I like all things organic, especially meat – and especially meat from farmers’ markets, rather than supermarkets.

It will cost more, but the animal’s quality of life will be higher, the producer will be passionate about raising healthy animals as quality produce – and they get a more decent cut of the proceeds than supermarket suppliers.

I do think any assertions that the organic taste is superior are debatable however, especially considering if it is flavored during preparation (vinegar basting sauce or a spicy dry rub say). It may be true, but BBQ is about preparation and the tastes tend to be unsubtle enough to overwhelm the natural flavor of pork!

In general pork meat should look fairly lean, finely grained, with a deep pink color and any fat should be a creamy white.


Pork needs to be kept in the coldest part of the fridge. Keep it in shrink-wrapped packaging or on a plate loosely wrapped in a plastic bag or aluminum foil.

Joints, steaks or chops will all keep for 3 or 4 days like this. If they need to keep longer than this, freeze straight away. They will keep frozen for up to 6 months.

To defrost allow five hours per pound at room temperature.

Preparing a BBQ Pork Recipe

Pork can be cooked in a variety of ways, but is great for indirect barbecuing, smoking, or grilling. Depending on the cut used, it can be smoked for hours as with pulled pork, or a chop can be grilled in 10 minutes. Grilling gives a wonderfully sticky, chargrilled effect.

Spit-roasted barbecue pork is an option. Many brands of barbecue or grill can be fitted with a rotisserie or an entire pig can be roasted over a fire pit. The key to this method is to keep the heat constant and evenly applied to the meat as it is turned.

A motorized rotisserie is best, and keep adding charcoal or wood to the barbecue or fire-pit at regular intervals.

It also lends itself very well to marinating , BBQ dry rubs , and pretty much any barbecue sauce recipe.

Further Reading

Big cuts of pork are best barbequed by an indirect grilling technique.

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