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Barbecue & Grill Recipes

Hundreds of mouthwatering BBQ Recipes for you to try

Whether you are cooking up beef brisket, low-and-slow, Kansas style BBQ ribs, or a whole smoked chicken, there are hundreds of mouthwatering BBQ recipes in our recipe archive for you to try. Here is our complete archive of barbecue recipes. More are being added all the time as and when we get the recipes sorted out (i.e. typed up, many are handwritten).

Take a look through our delicious selection of BBQ recipes — we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

BBQ Pork Recipes

Many of the ones we’ve tried aren’t really written properly, often they were given to us – so this BBQ recipe page is being updated regularly as and when we get round to making and photographing them. Everything here has been tried and tested on willing guests over a number of years. We’ve had few (if any) complaints.

BBQ Beef Recipes

The trick to making your BBQ food tasting great is using flavors that you like as well as using good quality fresh ingredients. BBQ is what you make it, so don’t be shy at the grill or smoker, take your time, use flavors and ingredients you like within our barbecue recipes, and enjoy.

Chicken Barbeque Recipes

BBQ Fish Recipes

Side Dishes

Kebabs and Burgers

Barbecue Sauce Recipes

Making your own homemade barbecue sauce is not as hard as you might think. Using basic kitchen ingredients and a few minutes, you can create something special to complement your BBQ food.

Marinade Recipes

The best-flavored barbecue food is often marinaded beforehand to impart additional flavors or to make the meat more succulent by locking in moisture. Our guide to making a great tasting homemade barbecue marinade will help you start creating your own favorites using store cupboard ingredients in no time at all.

BBQ Rubs

Using barbecue rubs on your meat rounds off the flavor, adding either a combination of delicate nuances or bolder ones to improve the taste. BBQ seasonings can be combined in certain quantities with certain ingredients to make pre-made barbecue rubs, and we have a growing list of favorites for you to try. To find out more about BBQ seasonings and their uses on various types of meat, poultry, and even vegetables, take a look at our BBQ seasoning guide to getting you started.

BBQ Rub Recipes Jerk Seasoning Cajun Seasoning Recipe

BBQ recipe ideas – Get inspired!

While your guests are waiting you can have some delicious appetizers such as dips, cheese, and pineapple on sticks, sausage rolls or prawns, and depending on the weather, hot and cold drinks should be readily available.

It is also a good idea if you can make someone responsible and see that everyone is being taken care of at your barbecue because there is nothing worse than a shy guest who is starving to death in the corner of your garden!

Main Barbecue recipes include barbecue beef, barbecue lamb, barbecue chicken, barbecue fish, barbecue pork, barbecue sausages, barbecue burgers, not forgetting the endless variety of barbecue sauces all of which we have comprehensive recipe article sections for that you can find above.

Barbecue recipes for adults can be spiced up with garlic, chilies, onions, mustard and peppers and children often prefer sweeter sauces like honey or ketchup. If you need some inspiration for fantastic sauces, take a look through our barbecue sauce recipes section and give them a try. We have, and we love them!

One of the most important aspects other than safety and hygiene at a barbecue is how to get the best out of your barbecued food! We have an entire section dedicated to getting the most out of your barbecue, so take a look and start taking notes, there are some great ideas to be found there.

Just because you are having a BBQ doesn’t mean that you are limited to only meat or fish. If there any vegetarians at your party, you could turn the vegetables into the main meal. Many people are often surprised when they find out how tasty and filling barbecue vegetables can be as an appetizer or even as a main meal.

There are literally hundreds of variations of recipes for the humble potato which is such a versatile vegetable at the barbecue. Have it just with butter, cheese, beans, or what about spicy potatoes, just add fresh chilies, it can be quite a filler.

There are so many recipes for filled jacket potatoes that it defies belief, but to make your life really easy, we have prepared a selection of our favorite, mouth-watering potatoes.

We have hundreds of delicious and varied BBQ recipes for you to choose from and try on your barbecue grill or smoker, give them a try! You may also like to take a look at some of our favorite recipe sites to give you even more choice and inspiration.