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10 Best Electric Smoker Reviews, Buyers Guide and FAQs

Best Electric Smokers for Sale

Before we dive deep into the best electric smoker reviews, let’s take a look at why I enjoy grilling/smoking meat and how you can do the same in no time.

Food smoking is an established tradition for many countries around the world. By using different, unique methods of smoking, different cultures transform meat, fish, and vegetables into mouth-watering and smokey-flavored delicacies.

The process of cooking takes a long time and skill-building to master, especially if you want to create soft and tender, smoked meat, like an expert of the profession.

And this expertise comes only after years of practice, tending your own BBQ pit, to find just about the right temperature and smoke balance. However, we live in a day and age that the best electric smokers in the market are available at a hand’s reach, ready for you to cook like a pro in no time.

If you have been looking to find the best electric smoker by browsing the web and reading reviews, read no more!

This guide will help you make a choice by reviewing, in detail, the best electric smokers on the market, while also offering some advice on your future smoking ventures!

Let’s dig in the top 10 best electric smokers.

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1. 40” MASTERBUILT MB20074719 (Our Top #1 Pick)

In recent years, Masterbuilt has built a reputation for providing high-quality, designful electric smokers for an affordable price.

Masterbuilt MB20074719 Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker, 40 inch, Stainless Steel

$469.86  in stock
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as of October 15, 2021 12:19 pm


  • Bluetooth Smart technology allows you to monitor and control your meat and smoker temperature from your smart device or digital control panel
  • One meat probe thermometer included
  • Patented side wood chip loading system allows you to add wood chips without opening smoker door
  • Four chrome-coated smoking racks
  • Interior light illuminates food in low light when door is open

In this review, we will analyze everything you know about this world-class electric smoker, and why we believe it the top choice in the following areas:

    • Affordability
    • Temperature and smoke control
    • Beginners friendly
    • Size and space
    • Ease of cleaning


When it comes to its price, the Masterbuilt MB20074719 provides the highest value for its price. It is not the cheapest and certainly not the most expensive smoker, but rather middle range, price-wise.

The device offers a broad range of features, some of which can only be found in more expensive electric smokers.

Temperature and smoke control

As far as the consistency of the device’s temperature and smoke is concerned, this is probably the best electric smoker to “set and forget”.

The temperature is maintained and circulated inside the smoker all throughout the cooking process, thanks to its insulated doors that shut tightly.

And it doesn’t stop there. The double insulation ensures that no smoke escapes, resulting in the richest flavor and texture.

Ease Of Cleaning

Let’s be honest. None of us really enjoy the cleaning process. So here is the good news. This smoker is the easiest one to clean since its drip pan and the non-stick racks make the process a 5- minute job.

Not only will this make the smoking process more fun, it will also increase the chances of the electric smoker being used more often.

Beginners friendly

This, for some folk, is a huge deciding factor. Not everyone wants to be weighed down by doodads and thingamajigs on a smoker. It often means actually having to read the manual and the more knobs and buttons mean more chances of something breaking.

Not everyone has years of experience in the process of smoking. Therefore, ease of use is often one of the deciding factors when investing in an electric smoker. The Masterbuilt 20075315 is relatively minimalistic, and trust me when I tell you that this is a good thing.

You won’t need to understand all the little nuts and bolts, and how these work in conjunction. This will happen in time. Simply browse through the manual once to get a better understanding of the device’s functions and start cooking.

The device also includes a remote control that can come in handy when you have to move around a lot. This simple accessory allows you to control the smoking process from distances that can go as far as 100 feet, meaning you can sit in any room of your house when switching it on and off.

Space And Size

The smoker comes with wheels and is small in size, allowing you to easily move it around when your cookout is over.

On top of that, the smart built offers a large cooking surface of 975-square inches, including 4 removable racks, which can be adjusted depending on the size of the cut you decide to smoke.

All in all, the model is possibly the best electric smoker when it comes to the cost and its size.

But keep in mind…

While there are many good reasons to invest in this smoker, it may not necessarily mean that it can work for everyone. All benefits aside, it’s important to consider the drawbacks too.

  • The remote is powered by batteries.
  • If the remote breaks or malfunctions, you will have to get a replacement from the manufacturer.
  • When you first receive the machine, there is some handyman’s work required to set it up.
  • The glass window of the smoker does not actually allow you to see what’s happening inside since the condensation dampens the windows.
  • The digital thermometer is not always precise.

Despite the above, you gotta give some props to Masterbuilt. They have created what many seem to think is the best electric smoker on the market, with high-end design, ease of use, and transportation, as well as complete control over the temperature and smoke it produces.

And we can certainly taste this!

From our own experience in smoking meat, the Masterbuilt 20075315 makes it impossible to understand the difference in taste and texture compared with traditional smoking methods.

And from the reviews and opinions of our peers, we can confidently say that this is the best electric smoker in the market.

You can read all the reviews of the 40” Masterbuilt 20075315 here and decide if this is the best electric smoker.


This small electric smoker can easily deceive you with its small, compact look. But don’t be mistaken. It will take your skills to a whole new level.

Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker

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as of October 15, 2021 12:19 pm


  • 544 Square inches of cooking space spread across three chrome-plated cooking grates
  • Double-wall insulated construction with dual exhaust ports.Wash cooking grate with warm soapy water, rinse and dry throughly
  • Door-mounted temperature gauge, and dual latches to keep door sealed shut
  • Front-access water tray, grease cup and wood chip tray
  • Measures 20.7 in W x 33.5 in H x 15 in D. 1, 000 watt electric element

Whether you are experienced in the art of smoking or are simply fascinated by it and want to try it out, using the vertical char-broil will impress everyone you cook for. And unsurprisingly, the quality of smoking can easily be compared with high end and much more expensive smokers.

The smoker has a total surface of 500 square inches, and the racks are easily removable. This does not only mean that you can smoke lots of meat simultaneously, but it also allows you to work with different sizes and cuts.

And while the machine has no wheels and mobility can be tricky, the machine only weighs 23kgs, making it easy to lift up and move around. Simply grab it from the chrome door handle and it will be as heavy as a small suitcase.

Being less than 25 kg, the Char-Broil Vertical is probably the lightest electric smoker you will find.

The double-wall insulation keeps the heat inside the smoker. And with the unparalleled 1500-watt heating system, you can rest assured that your meat will be perfectly smokey and tender.

There is an analog monitor in the front of the smoker that shows the temperature allowing you to adjust it as you find necessary.

And to make it even better, let’s talk about its price. At $152, this is the cheapest smoker you can find and a great solution for a tight budget.
You can read all the reviews of the Char-Broil vertical electric smoker here and decide if this is the best electric smoker.


The Bradley Digital 6-rack is an electric smoker that takes the best of digital technology and electric smokers, finding a middle way that works well.

Bradley Smoker BTDS108P 990223 Bradley Digital 6 Rack Smoker, 11.50" L x 33" H x 15" W, Silver

$649.99  in stock
4 new from $649.99
as of October 15, 2021 12:19 pm


  • Made of highest quality material
  • Manufacturer: Bradley Smoker
  • Bradley digital 6 rack smoker.Rack Area:858sq
  • Ash catcher is easy to remove for quick, hassle-free cleanup
  • Exterior dimensions-17 W x 14 D x 39 H inches. Interior dimensions-15 W x 11.5 D x 33 H inches

It is considered affordable, with a relatively cheap price compared to other smokers in the market. Just like the Masterbuilt 40, it is well insulated and ensures full control over temperature, time, and smoke settings at all times.

This means that you can decide how much smoke you want, what temperature you want to smoke at, and how long your food is going to be smoked for.

The 4-rack smoker is also perfect for beginners.

According to reviews on the web, as well as our personal experience with the device, it is very easy to control, even by people who are not “BBQ masters”.

All you have to do is “Set it and forget it”.

In contrast with the Masterbuilt 40, the electric smoker of Bradley Digital does not come with wheels or handles, making it less portable. On top of that, while the device is labeled as an “outdoor smoker”, there have been many instances of people commenting that it had fallen over after a windy night.

And on top of that, the generator, which comes together with the smoker, makes the smoker bulkier than other devices in the same price class.

The cleaning process is also very easy, thanks to the stainless steel interior, the drip tray and the removable racks. Our testers mentioned that it took them less than 10 minutes to clean the smoker after a full-on cooking session.

Finally, when it comes to the smoker’s space, there is a total of 520 square inches of cooking surface that can be adjusted depending on its 4 racks.

All in all, we found this smoker to be a good choice and we would use it again.

You can read all the reviews of the  Bradley Digital here and decide if this is the best electric smoker.


The Smokin iT smoker is the perfect smoker for people who want to smoke large portions of meat simultaneously. Whether you have a large family or you cater to a large group of people, this small smoker can fit up to 10 kgs of meat in one go.

Smokin-It Model #1 Electric Smoker

$439.99  in stock
as of October 15, 2021 12:19 pm


  • Up to 22 lbs. of meat capacity per load
  • 400 watt heating element, 8 amps 120 volt single phase
  • 3" Diameter rubber casters and 3 removable shelves included with space for 4 shelves total.
  • All 201, 18 ga. stainless steel construction. NSF Certified for Restaurant use.
  • New Side Handles for easy movement or lifting of smoker.

The smoker is also built for heavy-duty work. Being built with the goal to last in time, it features an 18-gauge stainless steel frame, which is similar to the one used by similar machines meant for professional use.

And you will likely move this beast around quite a lot, the strong built is important to ensure it will last in time.

You can also easily more things of different sizes around within the smoker since its three removable shelves can be adjusted to fit any occasion.

If you are experienced in smoking meat, you likely know that high(ish) temperatures help you get the most flavor from your cuts. And this is exactly what the Smokin-It Model #1 is all about. The 400-watt heating rods help the machine qualify as one of the 10 best electric smokers online.

There is LED light and fiberglass insulation to insulate the device, keeping heat and smoke perfectly well all throughout the cooking process. The usability and functionality of the device is also top of the class. If you are interested in smoking without any of the hassles that come with it, the Smokin-It Model 1 Electric Smoker is what you need.

On top of that and to make things better, the smoker can be cleaned up easily. The drip pan on the bottom of the device collects all the juices that come from the meat and all you have to do is pull it out and clean it separately.

You can read all the reviews of the Smokin-It Model #1 here and decide if this is the best electric smoker.


Just like all Masterbuilt smokers, this too is an affordable device that is packed with value. As some of our above models, it is great for people who are just starting out or for those who are on a budget.

Masterbuilt MB20060321 40-inch Digital Charcoal Smoker, Gray

$349.00  in stock
5 new from $349.00
1 used from $561.63
Free shipping
as of October 15, 2021 12:19 pm


  • versatile temperature range with the power of charcoal – reaches 225˚f in 20 minutes or 400˚f in 17 minutes
  • control temperature and cook time with the digital control panel or with smart device control using wifi or bluetooth
  • digitalfan minimizes heat fluctuations – maintains temperature
  • built-in meat probe thermometer for perfect results every time
  • big capacity with four racks for a total of 1,320 sq-in of cooking space

It is a great option for indoor smoking since its insulation maintains the heat and smoke inside the device. It’s easy to use and quite compact to move around. It contains 4 removable racks that can be adjusted depending on the food you are smoking and the total cooking surface of 730 square inches will allow you to create enough delicacies for anyone.

The only drawback that should be mentioned is the time it takes for the smoker to warm up. If you are short in time, this may be something worth considering.

Once again, as with the other smokers we’ve reviewed, we’d happily recommend the Masterbuilt 30-inch.

Once again, as with other Masterbuilt smokers, we would recommend it if you are looking for something relatively cheap that can get the job done like the best electric smoker.

You can read all the reviews of the MASTERBUILT 20070910 here and decide if this is the best electric smoker.


This smoker looks more like a safe than a cooking device. The elegant look of this small device does not limit the functionality in any way as, this too, is possibly the best electric smoker on the market.

Cookshack SM009-2 Smokette Electric Smoker Oven

 out of stock
as of October 15, 2021 12:19 pm


  • Double walled stainless steel interior and exterior
  • Electric
  • Cooking capacity 20-25 lbs
  • Power cord approximate Length 63" (may are by +/- 6")
  • 4.2 amps, 120V 500Watt heating element

This American made smoker is small but powerful. In fact, it is built using welded, double-walled stainless steel, to stay strong and last in time.

A simple peak in the interior will show you that the design does not stop on the outside. The Spin Glass insulation ensures that the heat remains inside the device, smoking your meat perfectly every time.

The nickel plater shelves are made to be strong and durable. Together, the two racks can hold up to 12kg of meat, smoking perfectly even the toughest and largest cuts.

The Cookshack Smokette Elite Electric smoker is very easy to use, even by a relative beginner. A steel box is placed at the bottom of the machine to store wood used for smoking. Simply fill it up and the smoker will be ready to do its thing.

With a small but powerful heating mechanism, the device can reach 300 degrees and the temperature can easily be controlled through the LED control panel on the outside of the device.

And because you can control both the temperature of the device and the meat itself, this smoker guarantees the best results every single time.

Once cooked, place the meat on the storage cart that can be obtained together with the smoker and serve it.

You can read all the reviews of the Cookshack SM009-2 Smokette here and decide if this is the best electric smoker.


Looking for a great value and performance for a cheap price? Then the Old Smokey is exactly what you need.

Old Smokey Electric Smoker

 in stock
2 new from $156.95
as of October 15, 2021 12:19 pm


  • Color: Grey
  • Size: 15.5"w x 15.5"d x 29"h
  • This smoker has a flat top, so juices drip right back onto the food.
  • On top of the heating element is a chip tray where you put wood chips for smoke flavor.
  • This smoker is controlled by a heat thermostat to allow a wide variety of cooking times and styles.

The smoker comes with everything you need to sharpen your skills in BBQ smoking, including two cooking racks and wood chips, that will help your cookout become unique.

One of our favorite features is its sealed top, which doesn’t allow any humidity and juices to escape the smoker. Instead, it drips back down onto the meat itself, giving slightly steaming it and giving it a smokier flavor.

The sealed flat top and insulation also minimize the cooking time since the temperature stays at the given levels at all times.

Adding smoke chips to the smoker is an easy process. Simply pull out the tray, add the chips and you are ready to smoke some meat.

The design of the smoker is also very simple and compact. It fits easily into small spaces, allowing even small kitchens to accommodate it.

The smoker contains two large steel racks, a heating mechanism, and a tray for wood chips. Each of the racks can handle 4kgs of meat, which is great for people who want to smoke large batches at one time.

If you are a fan of outdoor smoking, this device will be a lifesaver. It only weighs 11 kgs and can be carried around by using the two heat resistant handles on the side.

Finally, the built is very strong, made from corrosion-resistant steel, which adds to the device’s durability.

You can read all the reviews of the Old Smokey here and decide if this is the best electric smoker.


If you are looking for a more premium product and have the funds to afford it, the Masterbuilt 20070411 is the best electric smoker you can get. Being an upgraded version of the Masterbuilt 20070910, it comes with more features and a slick design.

Masterbuilt MB20070210 Analog Electric Smoker with 3 Smoking Racks, 30 inch, Black

$185.20  in stock
14 new from $183.99
4 used from $160.93
Free shipping
as of October 15, 2021 12:19 pm


  • Built-in temperature gauge
  • Temperature control is easy with analog dial
  • Wood chip tray slides out for easy ash removal
  • Three chrome-coated smoking racks
  • 1,500-watt heating element for even, consistent smoking

This Masterbuilt model is also easy to transport and move around. It has two small wheels placed on the bottom to help pitmasters smoke in different locations.

This specific model comes with an inner light and a glass window that allows you to keep checking on your food experiments.

What we love about this smoker the most is the RF remote control that allows you to monitor the temperature, time settings, and smoke from a distance.

The Masterbuilt 20070411 has a total cooking surface of 730 square inches and a heating strength of 800 watts.

The durability of this high-end device is also incomparable with other options. Reviews that tested placing this device on the back of a pickup truck in a rocky road for multiple trips mention that it was not even scratched.

Therefore, get ready to put your hand deeper in your pocket, to obtain this high-end electric smoker that is guaranteed to create smoked delicacies that everyone will love.

You can read all the reviews of the MASTERBUILT 20070411 here and decide if this is the best electric smoker.


Looking for a smoker that can pack your meat with lots of flavors and smokey texture, from the comfort of your home?

The Landmann Smokey Mountain is exactly what you need.  The electric smoker features a two-layered stainless steel door and a non-insulated cooking chamber so you can see all your cooking experiments from the glass window without any dampening.

LANDMANN MCO 32954 Landmann Smoky Mountain 26" Electric Smoker-Black-OPP w/Viewing W

 out of stock
as of October 15, 2021 12:19 pm


  • 3-in-1 combination tray
  • Non-insulated cooking chamber
  • Product is 26 inches

What we really liked about this smoker is its digital control panel, which is removable and can be used as a remote control, to check up on the device’s temperature from a distance.

Another thing we found interesting in the compact, 26-inch smoker is its 3-in-1 combination tray, which adds to the ease of use and the time it takes to clean up after your cookout has concluded.

As far as its usability is concerned, this model is perfect for indoor smoking, due to its small size and thoughtful design. And while the smoker does not have wheels, it can be easily moved around using the iron side handles.

And before you think that this is the best electric smoker, which it could very well be, we should mention that the Landmann Smokey Mountain comes without any smoking guide or cookbook. Therefore, you may need to do some online research before you get things started, or buy a cookbook additionally.

You can read all the reviews of the LANDMANN MCO 32954 here and decide if this is the best electric smoker.


One more great electric smoker in the house! And by looking at its price, we can also say it’s quite affordable.

If you are a beginner and want to develop your smoking skills, this is the model you should invest in!

Char-Broil 17202004 Digital Electric Smoker, Deluxe, Silver

 in stock
5 new from $370.04
1 used from $248.01
as of October 15, 2021 12:19 pm


  • Insulated, double-wall construction. Wattage-750
  • Advanced control panel with easy-read, blue LED display
  • Removable food thermometer
  • Glass door and stainless steel, dual-tone finish
  • Large, stainless steel locking latch for smoke-tight seal

Why? Let’s take a deeper look.

This badass backyard smoker is made by Char-Broil, one of the most popular BBQ manufacturers that are known for creating products that work well for beginners.

It is also one of the more affordable models in the market, offering lots of value for its price.

Apart from that, it is fully insulated, offering the same if not better heat and smoke retention than other, more expensive smokers, reaching a top temperature of 275°F.

This smoker is known for its mild smoking effects since it only releases a moderate amount of smoke, which can potentially be increased by manipulating the number of smoke tubes and wood pellets you use. Therefore, if you are looking for a strong and true smoking effect this might not be the best electric smoker for you.

We already mentioned that this smoker is perfect for BBQ “greenies”. This is because everything about the Char-Broil smoker is easy. Easy to set up, easy to move around, and certainly very easy to use.

There is an integrated meat temperature probe in the smoker’s setting allowing you to cook at the best temperatures. And if you are not present when the cooking process is completed, this electric cooked shuts down automatically and the food stays warm.

The beautiful compact design has nothing to fear from its larger competitors since its cooking space is large enough to compete with them directly. Its 725 square inches may seem like lots of cooking space, but they are divided into vertical levels, allowing the smoker to be placed on balconies, patios, and rooftop terraces easily.

We found that cleaning the device was not difficult, even though there were many components that had to be cleaned separately, like the glass front door, the water pan, and the smoker box.

Overall, the Char-Broil Deluxe has many features we like, including its compact design, making it one of the top contenders for the best electric smoker.

You can read all the reviews of the Char-Broil Deluxe here and decide if this is the best electric smoker.

Our Top Choice

So now that you know what our favorite models are. But what is the best electric smoker? In order to find out, we thoroughly tested each smoker through our trusted partners and personally reached out to people who have bought and used the smokers from the list above.

After long consideration, and taking into account that most people we talked to had lots of experience in smoking meat, we came to the conclusion that the best electric smoker should have the following characteristics:

  • Offer the best quality of smoking for the lowest price.
  • Have all the features necessary to smoke meat, fish, and vegetables perfectly every time.
  • Be compact and stylish.
  • Be durable and able to withstand heavy winds.
  • Be fully insulated with perfect heat, time, and smoke control.
  • Be easy to use and clean.

And when it comes to the list presented above, we concluded that the best electric smoker is the  MASTERBUILT MB20074719.

And while in our opinion this is the best smoker in the market, make sure you also perform your own research before making a decision. Read the reviews of each and every model, contact unsatisfied buyers, and find out why they were not happy with their purchases. Check many photos and watch many, relevant, Youtube videos.

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