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Which BBQ Grill Accessories, Equipment, and Fuel Make Barbecuing Easier and the Food Better? Barbeque tools are vital to barbecue cooking – you can’t make do without ’em, and they’ll get a lot of use – so get the best you can afford and they’ll last for years.

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Barbeque Tool Reviews

The Keys to Success Lie With These Five Basic BBQ Grill Accessories

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  • Tongs for turning over delicate items like homemade burgers, or sausages that might leak fat onto the coals.
  • A hinged grill basket is very handy for delicate items like fish, or for cooking quantities of food at once e.g. four burgers or a batch of chicken wings – you can turn them over all at once.
  • A spatula for flipping burgers or steak/chops etc.
  • Skewers – long metal skewers for cooking kebabs – get them with wooden handles, the metal gets hot!
  • Two or three-pronged forks that easily spear cooked food.

These first five BBQ grill accessories are really things you can’t do without. They can mostly be bought as part of a barbecue grill set in their own carry case.

Ready to Try Something New? Try These BBQ Grill Accessories

If you have the basics sorted and are hooked, think about what you want to try next. If there’s one thing that makes lighting a charcoal grill quick and easy it’s a charcoal starter chimney – you’ll never need lighter fuel again.

  • A smoker box is a great accessory for a covered grill. Basically it’s a metal box, with a perforated lid. Place your soaked BBQ wood chips inside and they smolder, producing lots of smoke.
  • A BBQ Rotisserie is for large cuts of meat or whole animals like a pig or a turkey. Several versions are available with electric motors and kits to attach them to a standard grill (notably Weber do a range for their grills)
  • There are two types of barbeque charcoal – get the good stuff.
    A BBQ gas lighter with a long nozzle can be helpful too.
  • A pair of barbecue gloves is pretty essential; even with the other utensils, a grill can get very hot on the hands after a few seconds. I actually use welder’s gloves, but you might be more comfortable with something less unwieldy.
  • Basting brushes for basting the meat with BBQ sauce or marinades during cooking.
  • When fat does leak onto hot coal it causes flames. Flames don’t cook, they burn; which is bad. So have a spray bottle of water on hand to douse any flames that do appear.
  • If you need to barbecue large cuts of meat or poultry, a good meat thermometer will come in handy to guarantee they are properly cooked through.
  • A good fitting BBQ cover will keep the elements out, reduce the amount of cleaning, and extend the life of your barbecue grill by many years.
  • Otherwise, a stiff wire grill brush for cleaning your grill is a must.

If you a beginner or seasoned professional having the right barbecue accessory will help you get the best from your cooking, and at the same time broaden your cooking skills.

What barbecue accessories do you need?

Deciding on extra barbecue equipment and barbecue accessories, including tongs designed to grip the most awkward cuts of meat, while barbecue covers, aprons, gloves, and cleaners or even complete toolsets will help to keep your grill clean and well organized.

Another important barbecue accessory is the barbecue skewer, these are designed to be used with kebabs, and also the broiler basket, which will stop delicate food breaking up when being moved around the barbecue.

BBQ Thermometers

If you want to ensure that your barbecue food is not burnt to a crisp, and don’t want to be in fear of killing off the family and neighbors with food poisoning, a good quality BBQ thermometer will let you check the temperature inside the food you are cooking for perfect results every single time.

BBQ Tongs

Barbecue tongs are without a doubt a BBQ chef’s best friend when cooking on the grill. BBQ tongs will allow you to safely handle and position food on the barbecue without getting burned by the heat. To find out more, read our guide on BBQ tongs, and no chef should be without a good quality barbecue apron!

BBQ Griddles

Over time you may find it necessary to replace the BBQ griddle on your barbeque, and this is straightforward as long as you know where to obtain the parts from. Many people don’t realize that quite often, a BBQ griddle can be restored back to good working order with a little work. Find out more about the BBQ griddle.

Barbecue Cleaner

Barbecue grills are bound to suffer wear and tear over a period of time and if you have purchased one of the more expensive models then it will pay to have some spares handy. Making a habit of cleaning your barbecue with a good barbecue cleaner after each use will help in not only prolonging the life of your barbecue but will help you identify any problems at an earlier stage.

Wood Chips

Whilst barbecue wood chips and smoker wood chips are not an essential barbecue accessory, they are an important component in grilling and barbecuing, giving a smoky earthy flavour to barbecued and grilled foods, and along with barbecue sauces will certainly add flavor to your cooking.


One of the most important grilling tools or accessories is the rotisserie. A large cut of meat will require a rotisserie for even cooking. Rotisseries are used above the heat source in place of a flat grill. Their skewers insert through your meat and into fittings that rotate the meat over the flames and keep the meat tender and moist. A rotisserie slowly moves the meat around allowing all sides of it to heat evenly. A large chunk of meat does not cook all the way through and remain as moist without rotisserie action. Cooking out of doors on a barbeque is a popular mealtime activity for many families in the summer months. Steaks and burgers are easily prepared on a grill over the fire.

Chicken is very popular meat to cook on rotisseries. If you want to cook a whole chicken you must roast it or use a rotisserie to evenly cook it. It must be rotated over the flames and not allowed to stay in one spot long enough to burn. As chicken cooks, it loses natural fats and may cause flair ups to your flame. The bird held above and rotating will resist burning from this better than pieces flat on the grill.

You can buy a rotisserie for your indoor oven if you want to use one indoors. Most gas grills for the patio will also have rotisseries as part of the package you buy with a new one. If you learn how to use them correctly they will help you to produce a tasty meal that some people feel is far tastier than the same meal roasted would be.

Our merchants feature many rotisserie and grilling tools and parts. You are sure to find what you need.

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Complete Your BBQ

To complete your barbeque party and really impress your friends, patio heaters, garden furniture, outdoor lighting, and party accessories will make your barbecue party one to remember, and no budding BBQ chef should be without a barbecue set.