BBQ Tongs

Make cooking easier and more hygienic, use BBQ tongs

Used properly, barbecue tongs are an item that you should definitely be added to your barbecue list of tools to get, as they are very useful for picking-up, turning or removing the meat from the grill without putting a hole in the meat and letting out the valuable juices.

BBQ tongs also cope much better with handling the most awkward cuts of meat.

Even something so mundane as barbecue tongs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so it as well to pick one that is comfortable to use.

They usually come in stainless steel or with wooden handles and are probably best to be tensioned or spring-loaded, and this is purely a matter of choice.
If you prefer, you can purchase your barbecue tongs as part of a barbeque accessory kit, many barbecue tongs come in very stylish carrying cases, and if your buying for someone else could be the perfect gift for the enthusiastic BBQ chef.

Best-selling BBQ Tongs

BBQ Tong Buying Tips

Take into account the types of meat you BBQ frequently. You will also need to think about the thickness of the meat you cook or have in mind to grill in the future. If you only grill thin skirt steaks, for example, you won’t need tongs that open wide enough to work with large chicken breasts.

Plan ahead for the amount of grip strength you will need to operate the BBQ tongs you buy. You need to operate the tongs with enough force to easily manipulate the meat on the grill. If you have to focus on the tongs to get them to work right, you won’t be able to move the meat well.

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