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Traeger Smoker Grills

The Traeger grill has brought wood cooking into the 21st Century with total wood fire automation. Authentic wood-fired pit barbecue flavor with fast start-up, continuous even heat, and perfect temperature control. The ultimate in cooking convenience that delivers large quantities of excellent barbecue.
There are so many satisfied clients that swear that foods cooked on a Traeger Wood Pellet Grill simply taste better than those cooked on gas or charcoal barbecues, and will out cook the competition every time.

Traeger Grills use all-natural wood pellets which are poured into the hopper. When you push the “On” switch, the hot rod activates for about 4 minutes, igniting the pellets in the firepot. The auger automatically feeds pellets from the hopper to the firepot where convection air is added, acting as a miniature forge. Heat and wood smoke surround the food, resulting in fantastic taste. Drippings are channeled out of the cooking chamber into an external bucket for easy disposal.

Flipping the three-position switch to “High” allows you to grill. On “Medium” you can slow cook. The “Smoke” setting allows you to hot-smoke food. In the “Smoke Mode”, the grill delivers an even smoke to your food without having to tend the fire.

The Traeger grill has freed families from gas flare-ups, messy charcoal and ruined meals giving you the convenience of gas, with the flavor of real wood!

Traeger Grills

Operating a Traeger Grill

Cooking on a Traeger grill adds zero fat, cholesterol or calories to your food., and is considered to be much healthier. The Indirect cooking systems are recommended by the National Cancer Institute because they produce less benzopyrene. Knowing how to operate a Traeger grill is important as some of its design characteristics mean that its operation varies somewhat from a conventional BBQ grill or smoker. To start with you should always start your Traeger grill in a high setting, to feed enough pellets into the firepot and ensure that the fire starts properly. You may now lower the heat as necessary and start cooking on your Traeger grill.

Traeger Operation Tips

  1. A Traeger Pellet Grill should never be re-located when the grill is warm. If you are transporting your grill in after using it, ensure the flame is out and the grill is fully cooled before placing it in anywhere.
  2. Avoid adding water to the firepot as this will seize the auger and make it inoperable.
  3. The Traeger Pellet Grill is designed to grill with the lid shut. Cooking with the lid open, or frequently opening the lid, will greatly increase the cooking duration.
  4. Do not add pellets by hand to a hot firepot as this could lead to a serious injury. Never continue cooking if the flame goes out. Start over by allowing your Traeger grill to cool completely first.
  5. The smoke setting can be used to stabilize the temperature of foods at approximately 180-210 degrees to keep it warm prior to serving.
  6. When estimating the duration of cooking, you should take into account the variance by gauging the external temperature first. If it is hot outside, your food will cook more quickly and if it is cool, your food will take additional time.

Traeger Wood Pellets

Traeger brand barbecue pellets are no larger than the eraser on the end of a pencil. People who see them for the first time think they look like rabbit food, but there is nothing small about the heat energy in a Traeger wood pellet. Traeger grills exude quality and are made famous through their quality design as well as their own proprietary Traeger Wood Pellets which provide a very efficient heat source. Traeger Wood pellets are available in a variety of different flavors to enhance the flavor of cooked food. All Traeger owners will benefit from using Traeger Wood Pellets.

  • Over 8500 BTUs per pound! Wood pellets are not new, they have been around for a long time used in industrial, commercial, and residential heating appliances and applications.
  • There are over 100 fully operational pellet mills in the United States and Traeger Industries was the first company to use them for cooking.
  • Only the finest hardwood raw materials are sourced from all over the country.
  • The pure, raw material (sawdust) is then pulverized with hammer mills and dried.
  • The dried material is then processed under heat and pressure. Lignin, which is the natural glue that holds plant fiber together, softens above 100 degrees Celsius, permitting the material to change shape.
  • The hot lignin then acts as a glue to bind the pellet together.
  • Pelleting employs hard steel die that rotates against rollers forcing the material through the die with pressures of over 10,000 PSI.
  • As a Traeger wood pellet is forced through the die it is sheared off at the specified length, cooled, screened, and bagged into 20 lb bags.

General specifications for Traeger wood pellets are 100% hardwood, 1″ long or less in length, 1/4″ diameter, less than 2% ash content, less than 2% fines, 10% moisture content, 8500 BTU’s per lb, and about 40 lbs per cubic ft. density. Hickory and Mesquite pellets are the most popular, however many of our customers are now using fruit woods for specialty smoking and gourmet cooking. Traeger wood pellets may be purchased from local outlets, or for the ultimate convenience ordered Toll-Free direct from the Traeger factory and conveniently delivered to you by UPS or freight line.  No one supplies finer quality hardwood barbecue pellets than Traeger. Remember, if it doesn’t say Traeger on the bag, you don’t know what’s inside.

Traeger Spices and Seasonings

Traeger takes pride in the fact that their own rubs and shakes are made in their own facility. Because the ingredients are so fresh, you’ll find that you only need to use a little bit at a time, so a little Traeger Spices and Seasoning goes a long way and adds a great flavor to your food, so why not try Traeger rubs, and get that authentic BBQ flavor infused in your food.  Traeger believes that you will truly enjoy the way each of our unique Rubs & Shakes brings out the best in everything you cook.

  • Rinse meat, poultry, fish and lightly towel pat dry. Wet the hands, shaking off any excess water. Hands should be slightly wet.
  • Sprinkle a small amount of rub or shake into the palm of your hand and rub your hands together to get a light coating on each palm.
  • Rub hands over the entire piece of meat, chicken or fish-making sure to coat all sides. On larger cuts of meat; rub the meat, place into a plastic bag and refrigerate overnight. *One way to coat a fairly large cut of meat is to place it in a resealable bag, add shake or rub.
  • Seal the bag, then vigorously shake the bag until the meat is coated with the seasoning. Remember, a little bit of Traeger seasoning goes a long way to producing maximum flavor enhancement.
  • To ensure that your Traeger spices and seasonings stay fresh, remember to store them in a cool, dark area.