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Landmann – purveyors of excellent grills and smokers

Landmann USA is a leading manufacturer and supplier of leisure products for indoor and outdoor applications. Our message, “Leisure Living at its Best,” are Landmanns’ core principles and philosophy.

It is Landmanns continuing commitment to offer the very best in quality, design, innovation, and value.

To prepare juicy barbecue food in the Deep South tradition, Landmann USA has created a popular mainstream range of gas and charcoal grills for household and outdoor use.

Landmann has made great use of technology by producing their products with high levels of heat efficiency and durability with the added bonus of being particularly aesthetically pleasing.

Landmann Portable Tabletop grill
Landmann portable BBQ grill shown here is Landmanns highly portable, go-anywhere BBQ grill that cooks great food to perfection while enjoying the great outdoors.

This sets Landmann apart from some manufacturers and ensures that owners of Landmann grills and smokers get the best of both worlds.

Landmann USA produce grills and smokers in a wide range of sizes and are suitable for all applications, from a small tabletop grill up to a large smoker grill that is capable of feeding a small army!

Landmanns’ firepits and accessories are also widely available in local hardware stores and specialist retailers, some of whom will stock the latest models in their range such as the Bulldog 42 smoker.

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Best-selling BBQ Smokers

What sets the Landmann patio BBQ grill cooker apart from more conventionally designed barbecues, is that it is capable of being utilized as both a charcoal grill, a smoker, or as an outdoor heater.

Landmann patio BBQ cooker
Landmann Patio BBQ cooker

With its unusual and capacious internal cooking surfaces and heavy-duty steel construction, the Landmann patio BBQ grill has a high capacity 1,370 square inches of internal area for the simultaneous cooking of pork, a whole chicken, a beef brisket which is utterly remarkable given the Landmann patio cookers relatively tiny 20 square inch footprint.

A porcelain enameled dish sits just above the flame and fills with the dripping fats before it falls onto the fire, preventing flare-ups which often result in burnt and poor tasting food.

Landmann also provides its patio barbecue grill with six removable porcelain grates that enable you to grill large cuts vertically by allowing you to hang them from a hook that is located in the upper hood area of the cooker.

An exterior stainless steel temperature gauge gives precise grill temperature readings while the doors are closed, adjustable vents regulate heat and smoke, removable ash pan makes cleaning easy, and a metal screen keeps sparks inside the fireplace when the bottom doors are open.

This twin function patio cooker and grill can use either wood or charcoal, and its distinct ergonomic design enables you to grill, smoke and steam your favorite meat, poultry or vegetables to perfection. The price of the Landmann patio BBQ grill is approximately $350.

Landmann fire pit
The Landmann Georgia fire pit

Landmann fire pits are also a very popular model in their range with which you can enjoy the warmth of the fire while enjoying the great outdoors in complete comfort while you cook away.

The laser-cut logo is all around this very sturdy steel large 23.5″ diameter fire pit and can be seen from 360 degrees. This fire pit comes with a full-size enamel-cooking grate, poker, spark guard cover, and a logo vinyl cover! Enjoy high octane cookoffs just before the party.