BBQ Griddles

The BBQ griddle explained

Almost all BBQ griddles are removable, and to ensure safety, allow the BBQ grill to cool completely before handling the griddles. It is worthwhile wearing a cheap pair of gloves that are no longer being worn to move them prior to cleaning.

The least expensive way to clean a BBQ griddle is simply with some elbow grease, some newspaper or aluminum foil that has been scrunched into a  ball, and a  few good squirts of oven cleaner.

If the BBQ griddle has a  porcelain-enamel coating, take additional care as it is very easy to graze or chip the finish and this may result in a costly repair.

Some BBQ griddles simply cannot be cleaned properly due to time constraints, so in this case, you are faced with the choice of having to replace the griddle or replace the whole barbecue.

In some cases, purchasing a new BBQ grill or BBQ smoker is the best option if your  BBQ grill was particularly old anyway.  These days an excellent quality BBQ grill or smoker will not cost a great deal of money and would represent a good investment when balanced against replacing a grill on an aging BBQ that has seen far better days.

Popular BBQ Griddles

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