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Barbecue Cleaners

Spruce up your grill with a barbecue cleaner

You will need a good barbecue cleaner if you have not cleaned up after your last barbecue, or if you have left it outside without a barbecue cover.  BBQs end up in a sorry state if they are not looked after. The good news is you can make it look like new again without too much trouble. We have a large selection of BBQ cleaning products, take a look at the bottom of the page.

If you’ve done a lot of cooking, the grill will be greasy and dirty, and the wood surround if it has one, has become tarnished and lackluster. Cleaning your grill with a commercial barbecue cleaner will require a little elbow grease if you have not cleaned it for a while, so you should get into the habit of using a barbecue cover and cleaning your barbecue after every use, it will make things a whole lot easier.

Before using your barbecue cleaner ensure you read the instructions fully and protect the surrounding areas from spillage. Do not forget to take personal safety precautions, using safety glasses and gloves where necessary.

Wash away any residue, and repeat the procedure if necessary until clean.

A good barbecue cleaner is very powerful and will have been specially formulated to remove stubborn grease and burnt-on food deposits from barbecues.

Also available are non-toxic and environmentally friendly barbecue cleaners, some of which can be used without gloves. You simply shake well and pour on a damp cloth or scrub pad, wait several minutes and then wipe off.

This type of barbecue cleaner is also good for cleaning the inside and outside of your barbecue grill.

Barbecue Cleaning Aids

The wood rack on one side of your grill has likely lost it’s shine as well, but providing it’s not too far gone, it can easily be brought back to new by sanding down and applying a wood stain or wood oil.

If the wood is beyond repair you should be able to replace the offending timbers from a good hardware store, and with a modest amount of research, you will be able to source suitable replacement wood for considerably less than you would pay for a manufacturer’s replacement part.

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