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Water Smokers

Water smokers are becoming more and more popular because many are less expensive than their wood smoker counterparts and take less time maintaining the cooking temperature. Water smokers can be either electric or charcoal fueled. Usually, the fuel source is located beneath the meat.

The water is used to create steam which rises and combines with the smoke to baste the meat continuously. The water droplets fall on the meat where they roll off and then into a water pan. Generally, the cooking time of a water smoker is 400% more than a non-water smoker.

How long have you been into barbecue People who are serious with barbecue most likely know that there is an endless variety of smokers to choose from. However, if you are new to the world of barbecue, you might be overwhelmed by the number of smokers available in the market today. There are a wide variety of smokers available for home and professional use. There are many Commercial BBQ Smokers available. All you need is to choose wisely which is best for your needs.

Do you have a smoker You probably find it hard to choose among the many different types of smokers? Smokers come in different types and sizes. Almost always it is mind bugling to choose which among these you will need. Do you want a smoker run by gas or electricity Do you need a large smoker or a small portable one What form of smoker you like most and which you think applies most to your need There are endless questions to answer before you can choose the best unit for you. However, in reality, all you have to know are the most basic knowledge about smokers. This will already help you choose the best smoker for your smoking requirements.

BBQ Smokers for home use are basically divided into two varieties. These two varieties are horizontal smokers and vertical smokers. The horizontal smokers are often referred to as wood smokers. The vertical smokers, on the other hand, are also referred to as Water Smokers. Both wood and water smokers are popularly used by barbecue enthusiasts. The choice is often a personal preference.

Water Smokers are used by those who find it necessary to add moisture to the smoker. Water Smokers are a portable, space saver, and an inexpensive alternative to wood smokers. This type of smoker still utilizes either gas or electricity to run. Its vertical configuration provides for more space and therefore favored by those who have little space but wants to enjoy a good smoked barbecue.

Examples of Water Smokers

Examples of Water Smokers include

  • the Meco Water Smokers
  • Napoleon Apollo Water Smokers
  • Brinkmann Water Smokers.

Some of the more commonly used Meco Water Smokers are the Meco 5023i4-181 Double Grid Charcoal Water Smoker, the Mexo Deluxe Charcoal Water Smoker, and The Meco Stainless Steel Water Smoker among others

The Napoleon Apollo Water Smokers, on the other hand, are multi-functional types of smokers. One of the most common Napoleon Apollo Smokers is the Napoleon Apollo 3 in 1 water smoker. This can be stacked in parts to be used solely as a grill or as a smoker. Brinkmann being famous for its smoker units also produce water smokers. One of the most common Brinkmann Water Smoker available in the market includes the Brinkmann 850-7000-1 Cook’N Ca’Jun Charcoal Water Smoker. This unit usually holds up to 25 lbs of food. It is a compact water smoker that can be easily converted into a tabletop grill. Its dome shape design forces the heat circulation. This allows you to relax without tending much to the food while it cooks.

If you want a compact smoker but still delivers the taste of real smoked food, consider getting a Water Smoker. It is a newer method of BBQing, but you may find it very rewarding. Find the perfect water smoker for you today, and see what it can do for your BBQing.