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Meco 5029 Electric Combo Water Smoker Review

Do you fancy smoked dishes which you could only seem to enjoy in some restaurant far away from home? Why prevent your taste buds from achieving their happiness when you could just order your very own water smoker online, make a quick dash to the market to grab some meat and other relevant ingredients, and then feast on your very own first homemade dish?

As there is a variety of choices out there, here is one recommendation that might turn out to be a good investment: the Meco 5029 Stainless Steel Electric Combo Water Smoker.

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Meco 5029 Electric Combo Water Smoker

This electric water smoker is a good choice for preparing tasty dishes at your very own home. Relying on water and smoke chips to get the job done, the quality of food is said to be preserved with some even claiming that is it even enhanced. The unit is equipped with strategically located side doors, which make it way easier to add wood and water without taking off the lid.

The case of the Meco 5029 Smoker is made of stainless steel, which ensures improved durability which makes this particular model stand out from the rest as far as longevity is concerned. The hood and side handles are made of wood which has been specially crafted to resist heat. The unit also comes with a removable thermostat which comes handy when it comes to maintaining the heat levels necessary for whatever dish you are preparing.


Should you buy the Meco 5029 Stainless Steel Electric Combo Water Smoker?

Most of the negative feedback coming from users have something to do with the assembly of the unit itself, which seems to take some time once you pull the parts out of the box. Another downside worth mentioning is the large contribution this unit would eventually give to your monthly electric bill.

Many users have mentioned how circuit breakers in their home would end up switching off because of the high amount of power that the Meco 5029  consumes. If this would turn out to be a problem for you in the long run, you might just want to opt for the more traditional models offered by the same manufacturer.

Another common defect reported by consumers is how that part of the unit where the controller meets the coil has the tendency to fry in the heat and result in melted plastic that could be a health hazard. Many also complain regarding the inability of the lid to catch and maintain smoke. There is also a constant mention of the difficulty of handling the bottom rack and how it does not seem to be that compatible with the top rack, making it a big operation obstacle.

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