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Insulated Smokers

The insulated smoker is the same as a vertical smoker, but it is insulated to maintain a continual, constant low temperature for up to sixteen hours. This is really convenient for over-night cooking.

Being insulated means that the smoker is less expensive to run than a regular smoker. Also, think of the advantage of less heat being released in the hot, summer barbequing season. Even though everyone should be careful about touching any smoker when it is turned on, an insulated smoker is less hot to the touch on the outside. Still, watch those little tots!

How often do you crave for BBQ A lot of barbecue lovers want to cook their own barbecue. Some invest in Commercial BBQ Smokers to get the best taste and aroma they want in their meat. People who want to have the best barbecue go beyond just grilling their meat. Smoking adds more flavor and sophistication to your cooking. The aroma which smoking provides is just heaven to barbecue enthusiasts.

What are the different types of smokers available How do you choose from these myriad choices Smokers come in different sizes and shapes. These smokers are fueled by gas, electricity, wood, or charcoal. Commercial BBQ Smokers come in different types for your specific requirements.

Insulated Smokers are one type of smokers used by many barbecue aficionado and professional chefs. Insulated Smokers allow for long burns. These are practical to use since these allow for more heat conservation not seen in many other types of smokers.

Insulated Smokers provide consistent cooking

The insulated walls allow you to cook the meat evenly even during the cold winter season. Other types of smokers may not be able to function well in low-temperature seasons.

Good examples of Insulated Smokers include:

  • TSM Insulated Smokers
  • Kitchen Aid Insulated Smokers
  • Viking Insulated Smokers
  • Mustang Insulated Smokers
  • Masterbuilt Insulated Smokers

Each of these brands offers its own unique product quality and specification for every consumer`s discriminating taste. Some TSM Insulated Smokers include the 20lb capacity Insulated Smoker. This smoker is made for home use. You can smoke meat, fish, or jerky in this insulated smoker. Moreover, many of these TSM Insulated Smokers are used for smoking sausages. Other TSM Insulated Smokers include the 30 lb Country Style Insulated Smoker, and the 50lb capacity stainless steel insulated smoker.


Masterbuilt also offers state of the art smokers. A 30′ Masterbuilt Insulated Smoker provides a thermostat-controlled temperature for consistent cooking. It also provides an automatic shut-off to prevent overcooking. Masterbuilt also provides a convenient side wood chip loading for that added taste and aroma.

Kitchen Aid

Kitchen Aid a leader in kitchen innovation has also a number of BBQ Smokers which are popular among many households. Many Kitchen Aid Smokers can also be installed with insulated jackets. These Insulated jackets protect the combustible enclosure against excessive heat. Mustang also produces some of the most well-loved smokers used by many households today. Mustang offers a 20lb capacity smoker with a dial thermometer, stainless steel rods for sausage smoking, and stainless steel pans for wood chips which add flavor to your cooking.

The best part

You don’t have to wait for summer to be able to enjoy your barbecue. You can smoke sausages even in the dead of winter. Entertain your friends and loved ones with barbecue any time of the year. Insulated Smokers allow you to cook and smoke meat, fish, and sausages anytime you want and during any weather conditions. Insulated Smokers are especially helpful during the winter season when other types of smokers may not be too effective. You do not need to wait for summer to enjoy your favorite smoked barbecue.