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Vertical Smokers

Barbeque smokers come in a vast array of sizes and shapes, with many different features. When most people think of barbequing, they think of horizontal grills. In fact, horizontal smokers are the most popular for restaurants and mobile units.

However, new and used vertical smokers are available. They look something like refrigerators with their stacked interior shelves. The heat source is at the bottom with the water source right above it, which helps keep the meat or vegetables moist while adding the smoky flavor.
There are also vertical smokers that burn wood. Wood-burning smokers are more traditional. Like charcoal designs, they also require that you pay attention to the fire over long periods of time. These vertical smokers produce the best flavor depending on the type of wood you use. Wood-burning smokers are one of the most difficult to operate, as you need to pay attention to how hot the fire gets. You will also have to experiment with the right type of wood to use.

The final type of smoker is electric design. These vertical smokers are also more convenient to use because they will cook for long periods without any attention. You also don’t have to keep a fuel source handy in order to use this type of smoker. Like gas designs, smoke is produced by heating wood shavings or sawdust, so the smoky flavor will not be as good. Vertical smokers that use electricity will also limit portability as you have to be near an electrical outlet in order to use them. These are the different types of vertical smokers. Wood-burning and charcoal designs produce the best flavor but require constant attention. Gas and electric vertical smokers are more convenient, but you will sacrifice flavor.