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Special Offer – Bug Blast

You might wanna go buy a lottery ticket,… cause today’s your lucky day.

We have partnered with BugBlast and are offering the EXLUSIVE  FREE 375 sq. foot mosquito repellent lamp from our friends at Bug Blaster!

How did you get picked to win this Free?


The folks at Bug Blaster had a few extras of their popular repellent lamp in their warehouse…

So we convinced them to let us hand out those extras FREE.

We will only have this offer available for 15 days. After that you will not see this offer. We Love grilling but sometimes the skeeters get to be too much.

Normally USD $54.… NOW FREE!!

It’s yours for FREE  – Offering it to our Grill Loving Cooks out there.

All you have to do is CLICK THE LINK to claim your FREE BUG BLAST
Bug Blaster Repellent lamp should arrive in a few business days.
You must claim your Free Bug Blaster within 4 hours if you want it though…

Otherwise, we’ll simply assume you weren’t interested and pick another eligible winner to receive your free lamp.

So click here to claim your FREE Bug Blaster – before it goes to someone else!

  100% Safe – No chemicals, no UV light – making it safe to use even around kids & pets

Powerful – 1000V high voltage zap with an effective bug-killing range of 375 sq. feet.

Portable – Lightweight & waterproof, you can carry it wherever you go.

3-in-1 –  Works as a bug zapper, walking flashlight & an all-weather camping light.

The shock-resistant 7mm micro plastic bars that surround the BugBlast zapper core, ensures it is completely safe & 100% accident-free!