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Outdoor Kitchens

At The Grill Outlet, we’re passionate about outdoor cooking. That’s why we carry the best selection of grills and smokers in the country. And if you’re building an outdoor kitchen, no one has better options for all your equipment needs – access doors, storage drawers, side burners, refrigerators, and more. Best of all, when you buy from The Grill Outlet you can rest assured that you are buying quality American made products with great warranties to protect your purchase.

Whether you prefer your outdoor entertaining and living experience surrounded by your close-knit family, a cozy group of friends or the whole neighborhood, you deserve a place that is inviting to your guests and gives you space and equipment to enjoy your hobby.

We are excited to announce our builder and contractor program. We have a variety of great American made outdoor kitchen equipment, in stock, ready to roll and priced right for your building projects. Qualified builders and contractors can earn special discounts on quantity orders

It’s not just about the grill. That’s why we carry everything you need – access doors, storage drawers, side burners, refrigeration, and more.

Choose the perfect professional quality grill from trusted manufacturers like Alfresco, Lynx, Twin Eagles, Coyote, Hasty-Bake, and more. Our grills are made in America, priced right, and backed by warranties.

The Grill Outlet’s Outdoor Kitchen Gallery brings outdoor living – indoors – for your shopping comfort. Rain or shine, you can see, touch, and ignite your imagination.

Outdoor grill islands

Let us customize a standalone grill island just for you. A Grill Outlet grill island is handcrafted from quality outdoor-rated materials with anything you can imagine: a refrigerator, beverage prep center, sink, warming drawers, storage and more.

When you shop for an outdoor grill island over the internet or at a store, ask questions about the construction of the grill island. Some manufacturers use plain mortar with no additives (that won’t hold up under extreme weather conditions) to fasten the tile, after a while, the tile will release from the mortar and you have a problem. We use only custom brand flex-bond mortar that lasts a lifetime. Check the frame construction for the grill island. Some builders use thin 20 gauge galvanized stud material. It is too soft and flexible over the long haul. Our welded, painted square tubing is about ten times as strong. It will never bend or sag. Make sure that the porcelain tile is used on the surface. Porcelain’s water absorption rate is only .03% and it is frost proof. Some outdoor grill island builders are using bathroom tile and slate. Neither are good choices for outdoor applications. They absorb a great deal of water and will release from the surface after a freeze. So as you see, not all outdoor grill islands are created equal. At Everything Barbeque we promise to create yours to last.


Your backyard transformed into your favorite resort getaway. Think of the time well spent with family and friends. It’s no surprise that Alfresco can make your dream a reality. Alfresco has designed and built equipment for many of the nation’s finest hotels and restaurants. Through constant innovation, Alfresco brings the professional culinary experience to your backyard. All Alfresco grills are available as a built-in, on a storage cart or on a refrigerated cart with an optional sear zone.