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Do you need a Gas, Charcoal or Electric BBQ?

Once you have decided on choosing a new BBQ grill for your patio or garden, you need to start thinking about the different styles of BBQ grills that are available.

Mainstream barbeque grills are available with either, fuel, charcoal or gas fuel types, and the selection of this is vital to you making the first step in choosing your new barbeque grill.

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Charcoal BBQ – Great taste and flavor

The main draw to the charcoal BBQ is the classic flavor and taste that the smoke infuses onto the food during cooking.

Adding charcoal to the grill is straightforward and any type of charcoal can be used, including briquettes and lump wood, both of which are available commonly from most stores.

It’s advantages aside, the charcoal BBQ does generate considerable mess when compared to a Gas or Electric BBQ, as the charcoal residue and fat drippings tend to create a mess that has to be dealt with after cooking.

Charcoal grills heat up relatively slowly compared to Gas and Electric BBQ grills, and despite this, charcoal remains the most popular type of domestic BBQ grill that is available today thanks to the flavor and smell that is associated with “real BBQ”.

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Gas BBQ – Inexpensive to run and easy to use

The Gas BBQ has a great deal going for it, and portable Gas grills are available with minuscule footprints that make them perfect for use on camping trips, weekends away and meets, etc.

Gas BBQs are inexpensive to run when using propane gas and to get the ultimate in cost-effective barbeque food, conversions to natural gas via gas conversion kits make them a highly popular option for DIY and budget-conscious buyers.

This type of grill is also considerably easier to clean than charcoal fueled grill and obtains cooking temperature instantly when cooking using direct heat, and within a few minutes if cooking using indirect heat.

These BBQ’s are great all-rounders, and capable of delivering BBQ good that tastes every bit as good as it’s charcoal burning sibling without the smoke and aroma, the gas BBQ grill has a lot to offer.

Electric BBQ – Pure convenience

Electric BBQ grills are nowhere near as popular as Charcoal and Electric fueled barbeques, though it has to be said that despite this, the Electric grill certainly fills the gap where a small footprint and extreme simplicity is required.

Needing virtually no servicing or maintenance other than cleaning the griddle plates, the Electric BBQ requires the least attention of them all.

Startup time is moderate though faster than a charcoal BBQ, but not anywhere as fast as a gas grill.

The biggest advantage of using an Electric grill over the others is the fact that due to its lack of gas cylinder or requirements of bags of charcoal and firelighters, means that it is perfectly suited to be used outdoors, in trailers, and anywhere else there may be an electric hookup within reach meaning that the electric BBQ grill is a no-nonsense, go-anywhere grill.

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