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How to operate a Traeger grill

Knowing how to operate a Traeger grill is important as some of its design characteristics mean that its operation varies somewhat from a conventional BBQ grill or smoker.

To start with you should always start your Traeger grill in a high setting, to feed enough pellets into the firepot and ensure that the fire starts properly.

You may now lower the heat as necessary and start cooking on your Traeger grill. Here are further Traeger operation tips.

Traeger Operation Tips

  1. A Traeger Pellet Grill should never be re-located when the grill is warm. If you are transporting your grill in after using it, ensure the flame is out and the grill is fully cooled before placing it in anywhere.
  2. Avoid adding water to the firepot as this will seize the auger and make it inoperable.
  3. The Traeger Pellet Grill is designed to grill with the lid shut. Cooking with the lid open, or frequently opening the lid, will greatly increase the cooking duration.
  4. Do not add pellets by hand to a hot firepot as this could lead to a serious injury. Never continue cooking if the flame goes out. Start over by allowing your Traeger grill to cool completely first.
  5. The smoke setting can be used to stabilize the temperature of foods at approximately 180-210 degrees to keep it warm prior to serving.
  6. When estimating the duration of cooking, you should take into account the variance by gauging the external temperature first. If it is hot outside, your food will cook more quickly and if it is cool, your food will take additional time.

Traeger Wood Pellets

Traeger grills exude quality and are made famous through their quality design as well as their own proprietary Traeger Wood Pellets which provide a very efficient heat source. Traeger Wood pellets are available in a variety of different flavors to enhance the flavor of cooked food. All Traeger owners will benefit from using Traeger Wood Pellets.

Traeger Spices and Seasonings

Traeger takes pride in the fact that their own rubs and shakes are made in their own facility. Because the ingredients are so fresh, you’ll find that you only need to use a little bit at a time, so a little Traeger Spices and Seasoning goes a long way and adds a great flavor to your food, so why not try Traeger rubs, and get that authentic BBQ flavor infused in your food.

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