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Napoleon T410SBPK Review

Looking for the perfect grill to take your outdoor cooking sessions to the next level? Your options might look limited, yet some models can definitely stand up in the crowd. Napoleon T495SBPK Triumph Propane Grill With 4 Burners, is one of the most appreciated solutions in commerce these days. It has everything you might need for a good final outcome. So, what kind of features should you expect from it?

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Napoleon T410SBPK Review


The grill comes with five different burners, so you can prepare more types of food at the same time. Set each burner at the right intensity and cook foods accordingly. Altogether, the five burners provide up to 57,200 BTUs, so you can engage in both mild and sophisticated recipes without spending the whole day. At the same time, the entire cooking area covers 665 square inches. With such numbers, the grill is great for small parties, as well as large families.

The construction is likely to support you for a lifetime if you maintain the grill accordingly. Each burner is entirely made of stainless steel, so there are no risks related to the high heat or water. Sear plates leave no room for mistakes either. Worried about cooking outdoors? Forget about all your concerns.

The porcelain zed cast iron wave cooking grids guarantee for consistent heat. It is evenly distributed, so your food will cook according to the recipe. Without this technology, chances are some parts of your food will overcook, while others will remain raw.

Finally, this grill has everything you might need for a solid experience. Simply put, you do not have to buy anything else. You got folding side shelves, but they also come with integrated utensil holders. Luckily enough, the grill is portable too. Despite its weight – over 100 pounds, it has four solid casters that allow easy movements around.



• Five burners
• 57,200 BTUs
• The cooking area spreads over 665 square inches
• Porcelain zed cast iron wave cooking grids guarantee for heat consistency
• Even heat distribution
• Sear plates
• Stainless steel burners
• Portable – four casters
• Folding side shelves and utensil holders



• Propane might release smoke and smell nasty



In conclusion, Napoleon T495SBPK Triumph Propane Grill With 4 Burners, Black And Stainless Steel makes a great addition to your household. Love cooking? Like having friends over? Got a big family? This is the perfect solution to cook for everyone without spending the whole day cooking.

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